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"I'm so very lovely"

♥ (1) F. Name:Heather
♥ (2) M. Name:Marie
♥ (3) AGE:15
♥ (4) D.O.B:November 3,1989
♥ (5) Location:Naples Florida
♥ (6) Gender:Female

♥ (7) Bands:Taking Back Sunday, Billy Talent, Blindside, The Get Up Kids, Hawthourn Heightd(sp).
♥ (8) Songs: Fly from the inside-Shinedown, Red Letter Day-The Get up Kids, Line and Sinker-Billy Talent. Too many more to put.
♥ (9) Movies:Gia, Thirteen
♥ (10) Books:Acceleration
♥ (11) Feature of opp. sex:eyes,hair
♥ (12) Feature of same sex:eyes
♥ (13) Feature of yourself:eyes
♥ (14) Foods:baked zeti (sp)
♥ (15) Quote:Dont follow the pack, be yourself.

Random Questions
♥ (16) Describe yourself in 5 words:hyper,funny,loud,simply stunning, and fearless.
♥ (17) Single?:yes
♥ (18) Best memory to date:November 20th.
♥ (19) Assuming you have a crush on somebody, what is it exactly that you like about him/her? If you don't have a crush, what is the one quality that the person absolutely has to have?: i actually have no idea why i like this one kid. Maybe it is because he is a skater because that is my type. but i also like someone else and that is probably because he is very good looking and funny so i guess that explains that one.
♥ (20) If your life were a book, what genre would it be? What about it's rating (G, PG, etc)? Thats hard. i guess the genre would have to be Non-Fiction (duh), and the rating would have to be at least PG-13.
♥ (21) If you could choose how to die, how would you?:I would want to die while sleeping. I dont want to have to feel the pain.
♥ (22) If you got pregnant (guys, just play along) before you were ready, what would you do? Would you ask your parents for help, or keep it from them?:Hell yah i would ask my parents. I would seriously be scared out of my mind though.

♥ (23) Abortion:No
♥ (24) Gay marriages:Yes
♥ (25) Teen pregnancies:i doubt i would because i would becareful enough to use protection.
♥ (26) Rating communities:Yes i like them they are fun.

♥ (27) Promote this community to atleast one other community and one person (show proof): k. - http://www.livejournal.com/users/dr1fted_away/ and http://www.livejournal.com/community/___redxlipstick/
♥ (28) Why do you want to be a part of this community? Because you get to know people and the fact that it is a lot of fun.
♥ (29) Pictures please! some might be blury so i apologize for that.
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if you need any-more tell me.
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